• Tech debate hits bencher election

    Lawyers say they are looking to the Law Society of Ontario for guidance on technology issues, particularly cybersecurity and access to justice. But at the same time, bar members and bencher hopefuls disagree on how far the LSO should go in creating new rules to enforce technological competency.
  • A push for changes in the discipline process, pre-election

    With the 2019 bencher elections on the horizon, lawyers in the province are advocating for changes to be made to how the Law Society of Ontario handles disciplinary investigations upon discovering the lawyer in question may be dealing with a mental health issue.
  • Young lawyers face challenges running in bencher election

    Unpaid work, student debt, the partnership path and costs of running an election are some of the issues that face new calls running for representation at the Law Society of Ontario, say bencher hopefuls in the early stages of their careers.
  • New rules proposed for charities to employ lawyers

    Ontario lawyers and bencher contenders say they are hoping that new proposed rules for alternative business structures limit the corporate influence on lawyers, as a long-standing debate on the issue comes to the fore this spring.
  • Perks for real estate lawyers under the microscope

    The Law Society of Ontario is considering whether to alter the restrictions on real estate lawyers who get fees and other perks paid by certain title insurers.
  • Longtime LSO benchers take stand on governance

    The Law Society of Ontario’s recent decision to further cull the number of benchers at Convocation means that several longtime members will lose the rights either to speak or vote in the next few months.
  • LSO strips rights of honorary members after contentious governance debate

    In an effort to improve the efficiency of its governance, the Law Society of Ontario on Friday approved changes to limit the rights of honorary members to contribute to debates.
  • Bencher hopefuls push LSO on pro bono funds

    Voters and candidates are examining the Law Society of Ontario’s role in promoting pro bono funding amid the closure of popular legal help centres in several Ontario courthouses.

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