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Pranav Patel

City of Toronto Electoral Region
Pranav Patel

Called to the Bar: 2011 In Private Practice Believing in “Truth Alone Triumph”, Pranav is passionate about legal education, awareness, and access to justice rights. After achieving Commerce and Law degree from India, Pranav attended Osgoode Law School, and enrolled as a barrister and solicitor in Ontario. Pranav volunteered at global era of social, economic and professional development as a President Of Indo Canada Chamber Of Commerce, President Of Gujarat Public Affairs Council Of Canada, Vice President Canada India Global Forum, Chair Of School Council, Advisory Committee Member of Canada’ Chief Negotiator on CEPA, Advisory Committee Member SCTMP LAC City of Toronto, HHM Planning Committee Member Toronto District School Board, International Advisory Council-Nirma University (Law2018) etc.  
As one of the younger candidates running in this election, I will bring a fresh voice for a large section of our profession that often does not have a voice. Young lawyers face particular challenges as they navigate the nuances of our profession and its ethical obligations. I am able to reflect on my own experiences as a young lawyer in providing guidance and assistance to those in need. In the beginning of my practice as a criminal lawyer, I felt every day the unique challenges that my clients face, often as a result of impossible situations. I have seen how a single mistake in judgment can lead to someone facing serious criminal charges. I know that lawyers who are facing discipline are often doing so as a result of similar circumstances. At present, I am more involved with soliciting work, which also gives me special insight into the challenges faced by individuals who are vulnerable to higher authoritative parties in the society. If elected, I will work to provide more and better resources to those who are struggling due to social and/or mental health issues. My Indo Canadian heritage has given me first-hand experience of the unique challenges faced by migrant lawyers. I will also passionately advocate in favour of reconciliation activities that the Law Society can undertake to ensure that voices of the new practicing lawyer community are properly represented. My previous experiences as a president of Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce, committee member with city of Toronto and Toronto district school board will be an asset, which has given me a solid background in administrative area, and will be of assistance in policy frame work and disciplinary hearings. I believe in strong conviction in the Canadian values of volunteerism and giving back to the community. “Humanity is the soul of a true lawyer, and we provide ray of hope..” - Pranav Patel

Professional Time & Public Trust In Context

To Create Strong Bondage Between Professional Colleagues & Community At Large. Access To Justice - we need to be with community as a professional and be their voice, so that our profession can be proved to be noble. Our unity will be our strength to enhance Canadian values.

I will create a bridging solution between lawyers and law society.

Private Practice - Young Lawyers used to face tremendous pressure in Small & Solo firms; over work expectations, and personal life imbalance in big law firms may be challenging.. Need to create more opportunities.
It’s our inherent responsibility to promote equality, right to justice, diversity etc. At the same time Lawyers’ privacy & work environment must be taken into consideration.

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What do you see as the top issue that prospective benchers need to address if they are elected?